Top schools in Western, Nyanza fare poorly in KCSE

Kisumu’s Huma Girls Secondary School students celebrate after one of their own scored a straight A for the first time since the institution’s establishment in 1978. Farida Onyango scored 83 points. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
KAKAMEGA: A number of schools in Nyanza and Western regions previously known to excel in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination have shocked many by attaining lower grades this year. 

Schools like St Joseph’s Rapogi in Migori County, Kakamega High, Butula Boys, Nangina Girls High School and Chesamisi Boys recorded mean scores that were much lower than 2013 figures.

Other schools that failed to impress include Kolanya Boys, Kolanya Girls and St Paul’s Amukura. Butere and Bunyore Girls also faltered in the examinations whose results were released last Tuesday by Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi.

St Joseph’s Rapogi Boys is a perennial top performer, while Kakamega High, Butere Girls, Butula Boys and Bunyore Girls are classified as national county schools in Vihiga, Busia and Kakamega counties.

Rapogi Boys that previously had a good run of healthy competition with Kanga National School, slumped to a mean grade of 8.9, from the 9.9 it attained in 2013, while Butere Girls recorded a mean score of  8.2 with  2 A (plain), 15 A- (minus), B+ (plus) 44, B (plain) 57, B- (minus) 76, C+62, C (plain), 23, C- 4, D+ 3 and 1 D (plain).

In Western, general school performance dropped compared to the 2013 KCSE results with a negative deviation of -0.24. A number of students from the area had their results cancelled over irregularities.

In Kakamega County, 50 students of Bishop Sulumeti Girls High school in Lugari sub-County did not get their Business examination results.

Vihiga Boys High School’s results were withheld, pending investigations by the examinations council, while at Chavakali High School, students were involuntarily sent home for half term, after many of those who sat the examination scored Y.

Moi Girls High School Vokoli had three students with Y in Art and Design. The results contrasted that of 2013 in which the county did not register any irregularities.

Kakamega High had a mean score of 8.68 with 10 As, 36 A-, 37 B+, 50 Bs, 64 B-, 45 C+, 18 Cs, 1 C-, 1 D+ and 1 D.

“This year we have not performed well, it’s below our expectation,” said the school’s Principal Oliver Minishi.

The schools were outshined by Musingu Boys that led Kakamega County after attaining a mean score of 10.13. Musingu had 31 As, 76 A-, 59 B+, 39 B, 18 B-, 5 C+ and 1 C.

Speaking to The Standard last evening, the principal of St Joseph’s Rapogi, Samuel Ndolo attributed the school’s drop in performance to indiscipline in the 2014 class.


“This class related poorly with teachers and as a result of that, eight teachers who were very able were interdicted following a confrontation with some very unruly candidates,” said Mr Ndolo.

The school, however, registered 11 A, 40 A-, 43 B+, 59 B, 57 B- and 29 C+ while 25 candidates scored lower.

In Homa Bay County, schools that did not deliver expected results include Mbita High and Gendia Secondary School.

Although there was an improvement in Mbita’s mean grade, the number of straight As recorded by the school reduced compared to 2013 results. It had 11 As compared to the 14 it obtained in 2014.

Gendia, one of the oldest schools in the area, had some results cancelled over cheating. Homa Bay County Director of Education Stephen Barongo said despite the hiccups, performance in the county had improved significantly.

In Kisumu County, schools that missed the limelight include Kisumu Boys, Onjiko Boys, Thurdibuoro, Otieno Oyoo, Ahero Girls and Nyakach Girls high schools.

It was all gloom at Kisumu Boys, which attained a mean grade of 9.2 after they were beaten by Kisumu Girls.

In Busia County, Butula Boys High, a national school, posted poor results compared to other year’s after it recorded a mean score of 7.831. The school had 1 A, 15 A-, 36 B+, 57 Bs, 58 B-, 50 C+, 46 Cs, 11 C-, 12 D+ and 1 D-.

Last year, some candidates in the school had their results cancelled due to irregularities.

“One of our students died before sitting the examination and other two have their results still pending. These are poor results for this school and we are going to strategise and come back stronger,” said the Deputy Principal Ochago George.

Results of three schools in Bungoma County were cancelled due to irregularities. At Chebukaka Girls, 144 candidates did not get their Mathematics results, while their counterparts at Sangalo Secondary and Lwanda Girls missed Mathematics and History and Government results for similar reasons.

Bungoma County Director of Education Charles Anyika said the cancellation was a big blow to the county “considering we never expected some schools to be involved in cheating but hoped for better results”.

Nyakach Girls, whose results were cancelled last year, got a mean grade of 8.6 after registering 566 candidates for the examination. The overwhelming number of candidates was as a result of the cancellation.

The school managed eight As, 49 A–, 84 B+, 146 Bs, 152 B-, 93 C+, 15 Cs, five C-.

Another powerhouse, Ambira High School in Siaya County, had its lights dimmed after it registered a drop of 0.25 from a mean grade of 8.38 in 2013. “There drop is regrettable but we still thank God,” said the principal, Thomas Kogola.

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