Jubilee MPS urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to ignore CORD’s dialogue calls

KIAMBU: Two Kiambu MPs have urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to ignore calls for dialogue by CORD saying that the demand is not genuine.

Kiambu Woman Representative Annah Nyokabi and Lari MP Mburu Kahangara said that the persistent calls for dialogue by the Opposition was a well calculated move aimed at showing the world that the Jubilee government's leadership had failed.

Kahangara noted that if Uhuru happens to give in to the Opposition's calls for dialogue, it would be a clear indication that his leadership acumen was questionable.

Kahangara said "President Uhuru was overwhelmingly elected by Kenyans because they had faith and confidence in his credentials and so if he gives in to dialogue, the general populace will start questioning his capacity and capability to lead them."

Nyokabi said that the Opposition should use the right avenues to air their advice to the government claiming that calls for dialogue were a cunning way of attaining power through the back door.

She said that CORD leadership should be patient and wait for the next general elections where they can try their luck through the ballot instead of calling for dialogue through unstructured systems.

"Giving in to dialogue is like a man winning a woman's heart and marrying her only for former suitors to ask him to give them room to show them how to make babies," said Nyokabi amid cheers from the congregation.

Their sentiments were echoed by the Nyandarua deputy governor Waithaka Mwangi who challenged CORD to tell Kenyans, in an open forum, what should be done to move the country forward.

The leaders spoke at Rukuma Catholic Church in Lari Sub County on Saturday during the burial of area Maendeleo ya Wanawake chairlady Sarafina Wanjira who died at the age of 63.

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