County leaders hire buses to ferry Raila supporters to Nairobi

Nyanza, Kenya: Hundreds of party leaders and supporters from the counties are on their way to Nairobi to welcome Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga.

The leaders have hired buses and matatus to ferry the people to Nairobi. Some of the leaders will carry their supporters in personal vehicles.

Leading the way is Siaya County Governor Cornel Rasanga with a delegation of 300 supporters from Raila’s home county. He has hired five buses.

Kisumu County Government is sending 40 MCAs but Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura is also leading a delegation of 600
ODM supporters to Nairobi.

“I am hiring ten buses to carry 600 supporters to go and meet their leader,” Mr Obura said.

Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga has hired two buses and 12 small vehicles to go carry ODM supporters from Migori County to Nairobi. The vehicles will carry about 400 supporters.

In Kisii, area Senator Chris Obure hired two buses belonging to Nyamira and Otange and a school bus to ferry
300 supporters to Nairobi.

ODM chairman in Homabay county hired two buses carrying 120 people to Nairobi but over 2000 Homabay ODM supporters travelled to nairobi individually to welcome Raila.

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