TNA MPs accuse Majority Leader Aden Duale of being a terrorism sympathiser

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale. [PHOTO: STANDARD/ FILE]


NAIROBI, KENYA: The row in Jubilee coalition took another twist Monday after TNA MPs accused leader of Majority Aden Duale of being a sympathizer of terrorism for criticizing ongoing anti-terror operations.

The MP are now mounting pressure on Duale to quit the ruling coalition as leader of majority for opposing a government operation as they further accused him of insulting and threatening Kigumo MP Jamlek Kamau.

The seven TNA MPs who were interestingly joined by ODM’s Simba Arati said they will support the ongoing security operations that have nabbed over 2000 suspects mainly from the Somali community.

The MPs demanded an immediate resignation of Duale or they force him out for criticizing the Jubilee administration handling of the war on terror with Kamau saying he had recorded a statement with the police over abusive texts that Duale sent to his phone.

“Anyone who does not the government operation is a terrorist,” Kamau said in reaction to Duale’s opposition to the swoop that has been going on for a week now.

The Kigumo MP while displaying text to journalists said that the Majority leader had resorted to insulting him after appearing at a local TV station over lunch hour to dismiss those opposing the operation.

One of the alleged texts read; “The zeal that I have defended Uhuru Government is the same zeal I will defend my people. Come out of your dark forces.”

He claimed Duale had referred to him in another text as ‘too small an ethnic idiot’ and dismissed the operation as being supported by ethnic chauvinists from the Kikuyu community where were targeting Muslims.

A defiant Duale who is currently in Ankara Turkey said he was not aware of such texts but declared that he will not leave Jubilee at whatever cost while vowing his relentless voice to protect the interest of the Muslim community. 

“As the Majority leader of the jubilee coalition, I will defend Kenyans and the national security of our people.  I will defend the Kenyan Muslim and Somali with energy and zeal that I defend the Jubilee administration. We are not guests of any one in jubilee. We are shareholders and founder members. We are there to stay,” he said.

The Garissa Township MP added; “We support the operation but not for only targeting one Kenyan community. Terrorists have no tribe and religion. It’s an ideology.”

But the TNA MPs accused their leader of hiding his true colours and said it was time he took the bold step to quit and allow the government to work.

“If Duale thinks he is man enough, he should quit and in one hours’ time we shall have found a replacement,” Kasarani’s Njoroge Chege said.

Bahati’s Kimani Ngunjiri said; “He has been hiding many things now these things are coming out, let him leave. He is drunk with power.

Others MPs who include Dennis Mugo (Dagoretti South), Peris Tobiko (Kajiado east), Nyokabi Gatheca (Kaimbu) and Maison Leshomo (Samburu) termed Duale’s utterances as unfortunate and irresponsible while demanding for his immediate resignation.

“It’s unfortunate that a leader of his calibre can make such reckless statement that his community is being targeted,” Nyokabi said.

Leshomo challenged the majority leader to tell Kenyans of what he knows about terror incidents. “He should come out and tell us then who is making those bombs if he is opposed to the operation.”

On his side, Simba said the opposition alliance of Cord will stand by the government in ensuring that dissidents are flashed out and Kenya remains a peaceful country.

The Dagoretti North MP sensationally claimed that Dule was an admirer of the late cleric Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Ahmed alias Makaburi after naming his son Abubakar.

The MPs, said their position should not be a seen as a war between TNA and URP saying that was Duale’s personal war. The Majority leader is the senior most MP in the house in the Jubilee arrangement that saw URP take over that position as TNA took the Chief Whip.

Last Friday, Duale who had led over 20 MPs from the Muslim community to Eastleigh threatened to quit the Jubilee Alliance over what he termed as unwarranted arrest of his people.

Although he has now changed his position on quitting, the outspoken MP dismissed his critics who want him out saying they were now making him popular among Muslims and Somalis.