The slogan “Naomba serikali” should not be condoned

By Patel Okumu

When floods were wreaking havoc in Nyando, Kisumu county, a now famous slogan “ Naomba Serikali” was coined, many Kenyans have adopted this to ask for help from the government whenever they face even the slightest challenge.

On the social platforms such as twitter and Facebook Kenyans have been blaming the government on each of every challenge that they face, it even becomes worse that Kenyans find it easier to share personal problems on social media.

What happened to our innovativeness and social responsibility as a country? Some issues can easily be handled and sorted out by the community we live in.

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When an estranged husband comes out on national television asking the government to assist him in reconciliation with his wife, that is pure proof that we have stopped to think.

There was once a council of elders in our villages or even the chairmen and their council in the estates we live in, did they become instinct or people just decided to ignore them?

What happened to the innovations that the youths always came up with during science3 congress or exhibitions in our schools? Those are the starting points for the growth of a country.

For us to achieve vision 2030, citizens should be encouraged, especially the youths to take advantage of the various funds provided by the government to start up developmental projects. The main problem though is the replication and duplication of proposals.

We have been overly costumed with search engines that we stopped to think. That’s why when a person comes up with a business idea such as quails rearing business or car wash business we will all be running towards that direction until it becomes a scam.

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Kenya Naomba serikali