President Uhuru Kenyatta says case won’t derail development


President Uhuru Kenyatta is committed to meeting the pledges he made to Kenya despite the pending trials at the International Criminal Court.

 The President said Kenyans should focus their energies towards nation building and emulate the manner in which the pre-independence generation participated in development projects after they were released from detention.

He spoke in Mukerenju Anglican Church in Kandara district during the burial of Geoffrey Kibe Kamau. The deceased was father to Joel Kibe, the chairman of CMC Holdings. The President said matters at the ICC should not be the sole focus of the citizens and leaders now that his case has been postponed to February next year.

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Honour heroes

 Uhuru said the matter will be sorted out eventually but he had no doubt this will not divert his development agenda.

 Kicking off the ICC debate, Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria told Uhuru, Kenyans were against his travel to The Hague, saying this will derail devolution. “We are against the Head of State facing the trial as this could be a scheme to frustrate development agenda in the county governments,” he said.

Members of Parliament led by Othaya MP Mary Wambui declared the ICC trials as political and called on Kenyatta not to defy Kenyans wish and attend the hearings.

“We shall mobilise all Kenyans to gather in Nairobi to block you from leaving the country to attend the hearing in The Hague,” said Wambui.

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Senate deputy Speaker Kembi Gitura on his part termed the trial as a scheme by Western nations to colonise Kenya. “We must resist neo colonialism at all levels,’ he said.

Grand National Unity leader Mwangi Kiunjuri, using Kikuyu proverbs, called on Kenyans to rise up and defend the Head of State.

 Uhuru said:,“The old men who spent years in detention turned to agriculture engaging in coffee and tea farming after their release.”

 He said Kenyans should honour senior citizens who participated in fight for independence.

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