Mary Akatsa: The prophetess who unveiled ‘Jesus’ in Kawangware

The world has waited for the return of Jesus Christ, the man from Nazareth, for over 2,000 years — in which time many have sped up His Second Coming. 

The World Weekly News informs us on good authority that by January 1, 1999 over 20,000 God fearing earthlings experienced encounters with Christ, including Englishman Martin Andrews, who saw Jesus in his laundry (of all places). Nairobians, however, saw ‘Jeso Kristo’ much earlier. In

June 11, 1988, to be precise, in Kawangware (of all places)!

Few really want Jesus to return, trust me. Those who supposedly saw ‘Him’ cried and ran helter-skelter while others fell in supplication.

The ‘Jesus’ who appeared in the Kenya Times newspaper the following day stood next to the four feet and six inches frame of the self-proclaimed Prophetess Mary Akatsa of Jerusalem Church of Christ.

A few years earlier, Mary Akatsa had prophesied that the Messiah would drop by her church. And there ‘He’ was: Tall, barefoot, bearded, dressed in white robes and his head covered in a turban.

Strange, sporadic light wafted on top of his head, feet and body. The crowd went wild, shouting “Jesus of Nazareth!”

Mary Sinaida Akatsa had not only brought Jesus to Nairobi, but had incredible feats of her own: Her mother-in-law had apparently killed her via witchcraft and, like Jesus, she rose from the dead after three days.

There were, however, no records of her death at the Kisumu hospital where she had apparently become a stiff.

That aside, she went on to cast evil spirits and cured many illnesses via slapping the Bible on the head of the indisposed alongside a shout of “Riswa!”.

Indeed, parishioners at her church were often said to look in prayerful awe at the sky when a star-like object flew past everyday at 1.30pm. Never mind it was a silvery weather balloon from the Meteorological Department!

Back to ‘Jesus Christ’, well it turned out that the one, who appeared before 6,000 worshippers at Muslim Village, Kawangware, and said in clear Swahili, “I shall come back and bring a bucketful of blessing for all of you” was far being the one who turned water into wine.

Mary Akatsa’s guest was a Maitreya, a world teacher, who live mostly among Asian communities. The Maitreya in Kawangware was given a lift by one Gurnam Singh, who got the shock of his life when ‘Jesus Christ’ ended the journey at a bus stage… and vanished into the crowd!