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Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has touched off a fresh controversy over the Kenyan situation before the International Criminal Court.

In what appears like an attempt to win favour with the four accused Kenyans Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Eldoret North MP William Ruto, former Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura and Kass FM journalist Joshua Sang’ Mudavadi rooted for local trials.

In a statement sent to the media from London, Mudavadi said he had deeply reflected on issues affecting Kenya including runway crime and widespread insecurity, which should be addressed, and the country must admit national guilt.

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“We killed each other in 2008. Women were raped; children were molested. It would be cowardly to wish this away. We must accept responsibility collectively. The nation is guilty. To prosecute four people for the sins of 40 million people is therefore preposterous. “

He went on: “The four carry our national shame, but they must not carry our national guilt.  We must all own up. And we must do this before we enter the 2013 electoral season.”

Mudavadi returns to Kenya today after attending the 67th Session of UN General Assembly, speaking on business opportunities in Kenya to investors and meeting Kenyans in both the USA and Britain.

Said Mudavadi: “I was among those who supported that any trial related to the PEV must
be done locally. I still hold this view because no civilized society can allow their own to be tried in foreign jurisdictions. If it were in my powers, I would bring the ICC trials home as part of shouldering the guilt. Admission of national guilt is the first step to our national redemption.”

Mudavadi rubbished ICC as incapable of resolving Kenya’s problems emanating from a culture of violence.

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“ICC will not address the root causes of the growing culture of community and election-related violence.  In fact, it has become a hindrance to
police operations in situations of violence like Tana River and when terrorism attack.  We cannot watch as evil people massacre others and police watch helplessly out of fear of being accused of targeting a given community,” Mudavadi said.

Mudavadi now plans to sponsor legislation to deal rising insecurity issues and inhuman acts.

“I will personally sponsor specific legislation to deal with such perpetrators decisively and to empower the police in maintaining order humanely, but firmly in exceptional circumstances of terror attacks.”

Mudavadi regretted that the Internally displaced persons were still living in shacks five years on.

“IDPs are still in camps. This is another national shame. Yes, the IDPs are a complex problem with no quick solution. This is why we must all commit that no Kenyan will sleep hungry or insecure because of the national madness of 2008. Land justice for the IDPs is urgent. Justice for their other
loses must also be given. And we must give it with speed. It is a shame that we are going into this election with this issue unresolved.”  He said.

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