Kenyan film to feature in festival

By Standard Reporter

A film by a Kenyan filmmaker is among those to be featured at this year’s prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

In a statement yesterday, the French Embassy announced that film-maker, Vincho Nchogu’s short film ‘The Resurrect’ has been selected for one of the categories in a festival that is a preserve for world acclaimed film makers.

"The film made it to the post-production stage and has been selected for the category of ‘Cinemas du Monde’. This movie deals with political manoeuvres during elections in a community where young citizens of Kijiji yearn for change," said a statement from the French Embassy. Nchogu’s work will be screened to world-class professionals, including journalists from around the world.

Influential platform

The Cannes Film Festival is considered the world’s most influential platform to showcases ‘quality’ film work. The annual event was founded in 1946 in France.

It is an important forum for European films in an attempt to sell their work. The festival is attended by movie stars from across the globe.

The statement indicated that three Government officials will attend the festival.

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