By Fredrick Obura

The emergence of social sites and blog forums now offers easy option to webmasters. The forums have wider outreach and this could provide the exact market one needs.

Social networking sites like, MySpace, and now offer users chance for individuals to create own content and share favourite websites with other forum members.

Search engine organisations like Google take notice of links attached to a content.

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However, when using a social forum to promote a site, take time and analyse the site to be promoted trying to match it with the available forum. Check if the two are related in business or content. A related forum if used would make sense and hit the right audience.

Your website needs to match some aspect of a selected forum. For instance for users, when you need a work-out tips, try Health & Fitness section .

Instead of just posting a thread where you ask if people know about your website, you could post articles frequently in relevant sections of the forum. Posts unrelated to their topic are subject to deletion at a Moderator wish.

Create a well-written and researched content for your site and keep and do this repeatedly for popularity. A content would help pre-sell a venture as it demonstrates one’s expertise, and it confirms that visitors are in the right place to do what they always want to do online.

A content providing education to a potential client on why he or she needs a product or service may influence ones perception on a business. A site may become popular due to the content it provides,

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Relevant topic

Local forums like have a provision for blogs, under the blog spot a user can drop a comment about a given relevant topics in the form of an article.

Alternatively, one can use the blog feature to write an in-depth description of the site on promotion, convince the audience to visit and always include many links to the site throughout the text.

Invite more people to be your friends on a forum and send regular bulletins to announce any news, always including a link to your Web site says Mr Kennedy Kachwanya, founder.

Other ways of web promotion is by getting other organisation to link to your site. Links could either be one way or reciprocal. Remember to link with a quality website experiencing like a lot of traffic. Commenting on popular blogs and leaving a link back to a specific page on your website is always a great help.

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