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How GBV allegations made Peru PM quit four days after appointment

Hector Valer poses for a photograph after being named prime minister by Peru's President Pedro Castillo, in Lima, Peru February 1, 2022. [Reuters]

Peruvian Prime Minister, Hector Valer, has confirmed his exit four days after being named to the post by President Pedro Castillo. 

The decision, Reuters reports, was reached at following allegations that he beat his daughter and late wife.

On Friday, President Pedro Castillo said he would reshuffle the Cabinet in light of the allegations, but did not address whether Valer would leave or not.

President Castillo had named the cabinet just three days before, after which his pick for prime minister was widely condemned.

Reuters reports that Castillo must now name his fourth cabinet in just six months, which he said will incorporate representatives from a range of political groups.

However, it is unclear when the announcement will be made.

In a recorded message broadcast on national TV, Castillo said his reshuffled Cabinet would include voices from a diverse group of political sectors. He did not give a timeline for a new slate of ministers.

Peru's President Pedro Castillo addresses the nation in a recorded message, in Lima, Peru February 4, 2022. [Reuters]

His latest Cabinet still needs to be confirmed through a Congressional vote.

Still, it is likely that Castillo will seek a new Prime Minister as many lawmakers have said they would reject Valer's appointment.

In his recorded message, Castillo also said that it was important to stand up against violence against women.

On Thursday, Valer denied beating his daughter and late wife, the subject of two police complaints.

Peru's prime minister is a powerful figure. The PM is the chief adviser to the president and also presides and helps appoint the rest of the Cabinet.