Eight killed after consuming sea turtle meat in Tanzania's Zanzibar

At least eight children have died and 78 adults have fallen sick after eating sea turtle meat on Panza Islet, Pemba Island in Tanzania's Zanzibar, an official said Friday.

Haji Bakari Haji, Mkoani District medical officer, said samples examined in a medical laboratory confirmed that the victims died after they had eaten sea turtle meat. Haji said the victims ate the meat Tuesday, but the incident was not reported to authorities until Friday for fear of being reprimanded.

In March 2023, seven people died and eight others fell sick after eating sea turtle meat on Tanzania's Indian Ocean Island of Mafia.

Juma Khatibu, chairperson of Bweni village on Tanzania's Mafia Island in the Indian Ocean, said the victims bought the sea turtle meat from fishermen and ate it. The meat was suspected to be poisonous.