Besigye says Uganda has seen most violence in Museveni regime

Uganda's popular opposition leader Kiza Besigye. [Screen Grab, ntv]

Uganda's popular opposition leader Kizza Besigye says Ugandans have witnessed the most violence under the rule of President Yoweri Museveni.

Besigye is in Nairobi ahead of a Conference on human rights in Uganda which starts tomorrow.

In an exclusive interview with NTV on Wednesday, November 16, Besigye said that Museveni was perceived to be the most enlightened, but turned out to be the worst in human rights violations.

"The abuses since 1986, when the government was supposed to be more enlightened took over, have been more. Ugandans have seen far greater injustices and violence under Museveni's rule. Probably because he's been here longer," Besigye said.

According to Besigye, the main factor that has catalyzed the lawlessness is dictatorial leadership, a system that has been in place since they got independence in the 60s.

"The Human Rights challenges in Uganda have been there since independence. No leader has ever left office peacefully. Whoever leads bombed their way to leadership," he says.

He also said the conference was being hosted in Kenya because of the steps the country has made toward democracy.

"The way Ugandans choose how to be governed is not politically contested to allow the popular views to take the day,"

Besigye has also pointed an accusing finger at President Museveni alleging he has used lawless methods to keep Ugandans quiet.

"During the 2021 polls, there were riots in Kampala when Bobi wine was detained and manhandled from his campaign. As a result, more than 100 people were gunned down,"

He says it is hard to keep the government accountable because the use of force to get things done has been a trend in the landlocked country, since independence.

Besigye has run against Museveni four times in the past and lost although he rejected the results, alleging fraud.

He has been arrested, detained, and charged many times in the past.