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Do you watch the news or the newsreader?

By | Published Mon, April 22nd 2013 at 00:00, Updated April 22nd 2013 at 17:15 GMT +3
TV anchors

By David Odongo

The 9pm news should ordinarily not be the cause of excitement to men downing their favourite tipple in a bar on a night out. After all, isn’t there enough entertainment already in the form of loud music, sexy women showing off what their mamas gave them, barroom banter and awkward dancers stirring howls of derision?

But a recent incident proves there is more to watching TV than, well, meets the eye. A shouting match at a bar in Nairobi West Mall recently descended into fisticuffs after two grown men (presumably of sound mind) disagreed over which TV station to watch. One wanted the bartender to change channels to KTN Prime News while the other insisted on Citizen TV’s Live at 9. Actually the pro-KTN man shouted that he had to watch anchor Linda Ogutu while his rival mumbled something about the many beauties catwalking on Citizen. Note that none of them was passionate about finding out what the Jubilee and Cord coalitions were up to.

When their friends joined the fray, the situation descended into a mighty mess.

The bar manager, in a show of Solomonic wisdom, decided it was best to switch off the TV to restore calm.

So what is it about ‘TV girls’ that simply makes men go gaga? 

Be it the allure of KTN’s Yvonne Okwaro, Anne Kiguta, Edith Kimani, Isha Chidzuga, Joy Doreen Biira and Sophia Wanuna or Citizen’s Michelle Morgan, Janet Mbugua and Julie Gichuru, the debate on who is the hottest has never been fully resolved.

And it is not just physical or verbal exchanges that these fans are involved in. Thousands of others tweet or post comments on Facebook to express their love or hate for specific ‘TV girls.’

So, who are your Top 5 hottest women on local TV? Tweet or e-mail The Nairobian.

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