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See, I have not quit: David Lekuta Rudisha finally breaks his long silence after prank


Updated Thursday, April 3rd 2014 at 00:00 GMT +3


Olympic 800m champion and world record holder David Lekuta Rudisha

Olympic 800m champion and world record holder David Lekuta Rudisha has finally broken his silence.

Rudisha spoke for the first time since early last year when he sustained a knee injury at the Diamond League meet in New York, which ruled him out of action for the rest of the  season.

The 25-year-old superstar, accompanied by his coach Brother Colm O’Connell during the interview at Iten town, told FeverPitch that he has not quit athletics as reported by The Standard in the April 1 prank. 

He said he was forced to switch off his phone on Tuesday due to numerous calls from his friends and fans who were eager to know why he had hastily made the decision to quit the sport.

The soft-spoken Rudisha and son to 1968 Mexico Olympic silver medalist Daniel Rudisha, was reacting to a story published on Tuesday by FeverPitch, saying he had opted to pull out from athletics to pave the way for his younger brother Francis Leparon Rudisha.

“That was huge progress to me when I read the article this morning (Tuesday) because I know many people, especially my fans, have been wondering for some time now whether I still exist, but I would like to assure them that I have even started training after shaking off the knee injury in preparation for international competitions,” said Rudisha.

Asked about his younger brother Francis, who is also doing well in athletics, he replied: “I am called David and my brother is Francis. These are two different people from one family but God has his own plans for everyone. As a person, I would only pray that he excels and even break my world record.”

Coach O’Connell also refuted reports that Rudisha had quit the sport despite the world champion’s silence.

“Don’t blame Rudisha for staying out of mainstream media because he has been doing that from our instructions. After sustaining a knee injury in New York last year, we advised him to take a break and even settle with his family before going for treatment,” O’Connell said yesterday.

“Some of you are not aware of his (Rudisha’s) progress but he is doing well at the moment after undergoing several therapeutic exercises within and outside the country,” O’Connell added.

According to the coach, Rudisha has been to Germany for gym work and massage exercises for two months as part of a routine programme but that does not mean that he will be fit after coming back, saying that knee injuries take time to heal.

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