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Fake exorcist busts idlers gossiping him

Updated Mon, October 14th 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3


Kahawa Tungu Coffee Shop has established itself as the meeting place where locals converge to swap gossip and this day in particular, everyone is foaming at the mouth to get heard.

“Can you imagine Hussein engaged this Maalim to give religious lessons to his daughter and now she is pregnant,” reports one excitedly.


The debate rages on and before long, it is apparent the said Ustadh Aboud takes advantage of his position as the official area ghost buster to easily get intimate with his ‘patients’.

“I have never heard of the guy exorcising spirits from men. Does he only process women like a sort of specialist gynaecologist?” I pose.

“Hapo chacha. If he wasn’t a quack, he would have cured his uncle Jomba who must have a whole legion of djinns residing in him,” agrees another.

As I serve my kahawa tungu, which has been spiked with traditional energy boosters, mild narcotics and top of the range aphrodisiacs to my miraa chewing customers, everyone is in agreement that the cowboy has to be run out of town.

“At the Coast, we have this popular superstition that if someone appears while they are being discussed, it is a sign they have a long life ahead of them.

Aboud appears at the entrance to Kahawa Tungu. “He stands at the doorway in his entire majestic splendour with a stupid grin on his face.


 “If he attempts to touch my wife, I will chop him up like meat,” says the butcher with twigs of miraa sticking out of his mouth.

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