Zimbabwean Government rescues its nationals stranded in Ukraine

Zimbabwean Government rescues citizens stranded in Ukraine. [Courtesy]

The Government of Zimbabwe has issued clearance letters to Zimbabwean citizens caught in the Russia-Ukraine conflict to ensure safe passage to neighbouring countries.

The Zimbabwe government will sponsor shelter, food, and air tickets of Zimbabweans en-route to Zimbabwe.

“The embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Berlin avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Embassies the assurances of its highest consideration,” read part of the letter from the Zimbabwe Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

This came as opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s European Union (EU) branch accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of only assisting a few connected Zimbabweans living in Ukraine after Russia invaded the east European country on Thursday.

In a statement yesterday, the CCC EU branch said it had since moved in to assist thousands of Zimbabweans stranded in Ukraine.

“The CCC EU assembly notes with concern, that the Zimbabwean government has only assisted a few ‘connected’ individuals to leave the conflict zone, and has left the majority of its citizens stranded and left to fend for themselves. We call on the government to go a step further and evacuate all Zimbabweans from the conflict zone until calm is restored,” CCC EU Assembly chairperson Wilson Mtetwa said.

“We have managed to locate and additionally co-ordinate the Zimbabweans living in Ukraine to remain in one place for their safety and harmony taking in high regard the emotional and mental distress they are possibly under.”

Those currently located include 171 Zimbabwean students, 143 being in the capital city, Kyiv.

Russia recently launched an attack on Ukraine, but President Vladimir Putin for months denied he would invade his neighbour.