How to find the job that fits your qualifications

Using key words makes it easier to identify the jobs tailored to your interest. [Istockphoto]

Joblessness is a stage in the employment process which is sometimes lonely and depressing.

The advancement of IT has replaced human labour hence one can voluntarily prefer not to pursue a job opportunity.

In search of a job, the following steps are key to note:

Customize your resume or cover letter

We are in a competitive job market, focus on the details when working on your curriculum vitae, refer to templates to get the best format.

Knowing your career goals

For a first time job seeker, it is so important to understand the dimensions of the profession in pursuit.

This is also relevant for those intending to change careers, one should be vigilant not to be misled by impulse or opinions from other professionals.

Proper planning

Seeking a job consumes a lot of time. Just three hours a day spent job hunting could go a long way in finding a perfect fit.

Look for the right job

Using key words on a search engine makes it easier to identify the jobs tailored to your interest.

Research target companies

As a job seeker goes out, he or she must have gained a great interest in a certain company. For instance, an IT graduate would visit the leading Tech company to weigh in on a vacancy.

A smart job seeker should dwell on getting information on a particular company’s services, code of conduct, salary, departments, vision and mission of the company.


The most successful people are connected.

Creating career relationships builds a wide social territory for recommendations and enquiry on new job openings.

Apply with confidence

If your qualifications meet the majority of the requirements, proudly go ahead and apply.

Informational interviews

It is advantageous to engage in a chat with someone working in the company. This helps accumulate answers to the expected questions in an organisation.

Continuous follow up with the hiring manager

Essentials such as follow up calls, messages and collecting business cards.

Patience pays

According to Glass door report in the US, a waiter’s interview process takes 8 days while a professor takes 60.3 days.