'Yesu wa Tongaren' in court as police seek detention orders

According to the officer, the self-proclaimed 'Jesus' has been operating without registering his church and they are seeking court's direction and orders for further investigation.

"The only thing we have found as per now is that Eliud Wekesa alias Yesu wa Tongaren has not registered his New Jerusalem Church based on our charge sheet. We are here to seek direction from court to detain him as we seek to conduct further investigation," said the officer.

While maintaining he has nothing to worry about over the claims of suspicious teachings, Wekesa said in the spirit of accountability he honored the invitation of police to record statement.

To him, he has not committed any crime as he was in the process of registering the church.

He said he had been grilled on Wednesday over his teachings and the operation of the church and told to appear for the second day only to be taking to the court.

Eliud Wekesa alias 'Yesu wa Tongaren when he arrived at Bungoma Law Court on May 11, 2023. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

"I have nothing to fear because my teachings are godly, my children go to school and seek medical attention, but on the issue of registration of my church the process was underway," said Wekesa.

Wekesa said he will not seek a lawyer if presented to court stating that his lawyer is God, moon and sun.

Bungoma County Police Commander Francis Kooli said they were just conducting what is happening across the country by interrogating and auditing the churches and its religious teachings.

"We invited him and he honored our invitation. He was here yesterday and we extended the investigation to today. What we are doing is to try find out more about his church in form of writing statement. The issue of registration of his church is the matter under investigation to establish whether there is a case or not," said Kooli.

So far, President William Ruto has formed a Judicial commission of inquiry to probe the Shakahola deaths.

The commission will also look into the mattes related to cult-like churches and make recommendations on how the church will be regulated by state.