Five hospitalised after machete-wielding gang attacks three villages in Kakamega

Rogers Ashikhobe is attended to by a nurse at Kakamega County Hospital after he was attacked by a machete-wielding gang at his Mukangu home in Kakamega County. [CHRISPEN SECHERE/STANDARD]

Kakamega, Kenya: Five people are fighting for their lives at Kakamega County Hospital after a gang struck Emukangu, Stend Mwogo and Maondo villages in Kakamega County Wednesday night.

The over 20 machete wielding gang attacked the villages three days after another village was attacked. The victims were hacked inside their homesteads and household goods stolen.

The gang first attacked a home belonging to Dr Humphrey Nyongesa, a lecturer at Masinde Muliro University, but were unable to break into the house after the occupants screamed and called for help.

"It was around 8.30 pm when I noticed people outside our door. I asked them what they wanted and they claimed to be police officers. I asked them to come at daytime but they threatened to shoot me and that's when I called for help. This forced them to flee," said Odunga, who was inside the house.

The gang hacked two men, who had responded to the distress calls, before fleeing.

"I had screams from our neighbour. I went to check but I met a group of people who hit me with a blunt object. I lost consciousness, "said Patrick Nang'abo, who is nursing injuries at home after he was discharged from the hospital.

On Monday the neighbouring villages of Shibuli, Emusanda and Makunga were also attacked by the gang.

The residents were beaten and property worthy of thousands of shillings stolen.