Hilarious reactions after Zambian MPs visit Kenya to benchmark on how to fight corruption

An article in the Star newspaper titled ‘Zambian MPs visit Kenya to learn how to fight corruption’ has elicited hilarious reactions among Kenyans on social media.

According to the article, eight MPs arrived in Kenya over the weekend to benchmark on how to do away with corruption in their country.

“This is a study by our colleagues from the Zambian National Assembly. We are sharing with them our experiences as a commission when it comes to corruption and promotion of ethics in our country,” said Commissioner Mwaniki Gachoka according to the article.

may the Zambian MPs see kenya they way a secret admirer sees u and think you have made it in life yet you're always depressed considering yourself as a failure - MAYBE— Wachira ???????? (@JenaroWachira) June 12, 2018

Zambian MPs are visiting Kenya for a bench-marking trip on how to fight corruption. Eh?! Someone check the clouds, this must be the end-time!

— Yoyocial (@yoyocial) June 12, 2018

Zambian MPs visit Kenya to learn how to Look like you're fighting corruption while you're actually looting Public Funds! ???? pic.twitter.com/JL3iSGpkOo

— Ciku ???????? (@Ciku_Muriithi) June 12, 2018

There are news and they are NEWS!
Zambian MPs to do benchmarking in Kenya on how to fight Corruption!????????

Niokotwe kwa Ngirita nyumbani???????????????? pic.twitter.com/igU2QpLFzm— JOE MUHAHAMI (@Muhahami) June 12, 2018

These Zambian MPs should be arrested and jailed for wasting tax payers money, in Kenya here we can only teach on how to faster corruption, we are the catalyst pic.twitter.com/8N1bIfjOrP

— Big Vic (@Vikinyo) June 12, 2018

These Zambian MPs are certainly not in Kenya to learn how to fight corruption. They seemingly are on a benchmarking tour to learn how to go about procurement with special interest in supplying air and still getting paid in billions.

What a joke! pic.twitter.com/5u2xDYNUVU— Bobby (@Bob_Odhiambo) June 12, 2018

If Zambian mps are serious of the trip they should make sure that the money allocated for the bench marking trip is inflated, we only admit top corruption students hence a good corruption track record is mandatory.

— Count Olaf (@Olaf_Ke) June 12, 2018

Just what is wrong with the Zambian government really? You really sent a delegation to learn how to fight corruption in Kenya, of all places! You can’t even blame witchcraft for this. https://t.co/gwBvFnYoXv— BabaSankara (@CarlOdera) June 12, 2018