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How to show love to your spouse in public
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Oct 29, 2017 at 13:31 EAT
A couple walking in public
  • Checking up on your spouse when in public shows you are mindful of each other
  • Turning down outsiders who try to flirt with you online or offline shows you have respect for your marriage

1. Declare that you two are a couple in public. This shows you take pride in your marriage.

2. Introduce your spouse as your husband/wife. This makes your spouse secure.

3. Do not talk down at your spouse or shout at him/her in public. Cover your spouse.

4. Do activities outside together, be seen together often. It strengthens your love.

5. Introduce your spouse to your family and friends. It fosters security and accountability.

6. Demand that your friends and family respect your spouse. How your spouse is treated starts with you.

7. Express your love on social media, don't hide your love. It kills suspicion and unnecessary drama.

8. Flirt or warmly joke with your spouse in public. It heightens your closeness in private.

9. Check on your spouse when in public. It shows you are mindful of each other.

10. Enjoy opportunities where you sit together in public. It strengthens your bond.

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11. Turn down outsiders who try to flirt with you online or offline. When you respect your marriage, others will.

12. Show up at events of your spouse that mean a lot to him/her. It shows you are a team.

13. Randomly interject your spouse's name in conversations. It shows you two are intertwined.

14. Let it be known you need to consult with your spouse when an offer, invite or request is made. It shows you two are one.

15. Praise your spouse in public. Elevate your spouse above others.

16. Inform your spouse before you leave a place you two are at. Do not leave unannounced and when you leave, leave in a loving way (with a kiss perhaps).

17. Hold your spouse's hand or waist in public. Be comfortable together.

18. Serve your spouse before serving another person.

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