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Love-struck: Presidential escort officer kills girlfriend after rejecting marriage proposal
By Fay Ngina | Updated Sep 18, 2017 at 11:50 EAT
Ms Anne Wanjohi, the officer's girlfriend
  • A presidential Escort unit guard shot his girlfriend five times after she turned down his marriage proposal 
  • The officer had only known her girlfriend for three months
  • He had earlier threatened to kill her if she refused to marry him

A presidential Escort unit guard, Constable Simon Njoroge Njau, shot his girlfriend five times after she turned down his marriage proposal at a cyber cafe in Nairobi city center.

The constable is currently fighting for his life in Kenyatta National Hospital after attempting suicide immediately after shooting his 23-year-old girlfriend, Anne Wanjohi. 

Witnesses say that the officer arrived at the cyber cafe at around 7 pm and insisted on talking to the girlfriend who she was then attending to a client. 

“He wanted to talk to her about their relationship because she had wanted to break up with him over the past two weeks. â€œAnne was attending to a client but he insisted on talking to her. She said she was busy and needed to finish with the client,” said Mr Hinga who was Anne's colleague.

The constable left but told Ms Wanjohi that he would be back after a few minutes. However, Mr Hinga said that he kept texting her while he was still away. 

The officer returned and found Ms Wanjohi packing her things ready to leave. He insisted on talking to her but she still refused and that is when he pulled out his gun and shot her on the hand. 

Mr Hinga said that he shot her several times and also threatened to shoot the cyber attendants and any other person who came to see what was happening.

“I ran away from the scene and when I came back the shooting had stopped, I found the two on the floor. Anne was dead,” Said Mr Hinga.

Nairobi police boss Japhet Koome said that the officer had shot himself three times and he was injured on his left biceps and chest.

"Miraculously he survived after shooting himself three times.He was taken to hospital in critical condition," said Mr Koome.

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According to Ms Wanjohi's sister, the constable who had only known Anne for three months, said the officer had threatened to kill her if she turned down his marriage proposal. 

Ms Wanjohi had tried to avoid the officer after he kept insisting that he wanted to marry her immediately since it made her uncomfortable.

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