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Why it's difficult being a short man
By Christine Opanda | Updated Aug 30, 2016 at 11:49 EAT

When it comes to physical features, you will always hear ladies say, I am looking for a tall dark handsome man. So where do the short guys fall, no lady wants to date a short guy, even the short ladies still want tall men. This is just one of the many struggles short men go through; now let’s look at more struggles short men go through;

1. Always needing help

Whenever in the supermarket, or anywhere, you will always need help from the tall people. To reach that chapatti unga you love will not be easy. I have never understood why they are always kept too high, maybe tall people are only ones who make and eat chapos. And by the way, ugali flour is always down, while chapatti flour is on top of the shelves in all supermarkets.

2. Awkward hugs

You know those bromance hugs your tall friends do, you never enjoy them, because they will always grub you like a little kid and pat your head while they feel your hair.

3. Having to stand on your toes to reach the urinal

You never reach those walls in built urinals. If it is in a restaurant, where they are the only ones available, you will have to stand on your toes so that it does not touch your junk, or you end up spilling urine on your trousers.

4. No readymade suits for you

Readymade suits are only made to fit tall men. If you buy one, you will have to return them to the tailor for refitting. Then you are left with only one option, to always tailor fit suits that will fit you perfectly.

5. You always hit people on the face

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When it is raining and you open the umbrella you end up hitting people on the face with it, because you are too short.

6. Shopping in the kids section

When out shopping with your friends, you tend to pretend you are shopping for your nephew in the kids section when you are really shopping for yourself.

7. Adding weight will always show

This is not just fair, have you ever noticed when your tall friends add weight? You never notice until they tell you themselves. Are you short? Try adding some weight, everyone will notice instantly and start telling you how fat you are growing.

From the positive side, you will never get to cook; kitchen cabinets are always high, meaning cooking is meant for tall guys.

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