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Rising beyond getting sacked
By Steve Ole Mwangi | Updated Jul 20, 2020 at 09:45 EAT
Someone stressed after being sacked from work

Whether by being dismissed, downsized, walking away or whatever you call it-job loss is painful.

It becomes worse if you don't have a support system of friends, relatives or a partner.

Today, let us talk about job loss. Whether by being dismissed, downsized, walking away, or whatever you call it-job loss is painful.

It is not only emotionally draining but also ranks among the top causes of stress. This is because it alters relationships, lifestyle, and many more. It becomes worse if you don't have a support system of friends, relatives, or a partner.

One goes through the same cycle of denial, anger, frustration, and finally, adaptation. But just like in death, there is a period of grieving. This is so especially if we had this sentimental attachment to our jobs.

Many of us closely identify ourselves by what we do for a living. When someone takes your job away, you can lose track of who you are and even your purpose in life.

The emotional baggage can hold you back from moving forward. Cry your heart out if you want, rant out to your friend and family about your lousy boss. Once the emotional aspect has been settled, determine how long your financial reserves will sustain you, then decide to look for another job or have a total career change.

It would be best if you decided where to go next. Job loss is not always a bad thing. It can serve as a wake-up call to move out of a comfort zone and explore new skills that you never knew you had.

Who knows the doors it can open? Those who name call those in these circumstances always remember no one chooses to be jobless, and as long as you are employed, you are a candidate for job loss.

Be kind and understanding to jobless people; they are internally shattered. Tomorrow you might need their kindness too.

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