Ministry of Health announces way forward after two inmates test positive for COVID-19

The Ministry of Health on Saturday stated that it was aware that two inmates at the Industrial Area Remand Prison had tested positive for Coronavirus and had plans to protect the rest.

Speaking during a press briefing at Afya House, Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman said correctional facilities are one of the high-risk areas due to their nature and closeness.

“These two cases in Industrial Area Remand Prison I’m certain that our Emergency Operation Centre and Rapid Response Team must have been alerted and are aware of it. The correctional facilities are one of those high-risk areas we have identified because of their nature and closeness,” said Dr. Aman.

Adding: “Part of our testing is to get into these facilities, work with the prison department in order to be able to determine whether there is transmission of Covid-19 within these facilities and then put in all those necessary measures that we require to protect the inmates.”

This comes as the country recorded 28 new cases of Coronavirus bringing the national tally to 649.

Out of this, 24 are Kenyans while four are Tanzanians who crossed over to Migori.

Among the new cases, the youngest is 11 years while the oldest is 81 and 17 are male while 11 are female.

On a more positive note, there are five more recoveries bringing the number of total recoveries to 207.

One more patient has succumbed to the virus in Mombasa, bringing the number of victims to 30.