Governor Waiguru finally responds to Cate Waruguru’s insults

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, responded to insults hurled at her Laikipia County Women Representative Catherine Waruguru.

The Governor Said that, as women, it was wrong to hurl insults at one another but instead serve as role models to the society.

Speaking at Serena Hotel, Waiguru acknowledged that in politics, disagreements are inevitable but should not lead to insults.

"As women, we have to accept that we are in a very unique position with regards to influencing families and society”

“We cannot go low and expect our children and our society to go up, we must be role models and give a better example," she stated.

"As women leaders, we are supposed to be role models for our families and community. As Team Embrace, we want to distance ourselves from the politics of insults”

“We urge everyone to practice politics on an understanding that we can disagree without being disagreeable and insulting," she said during her address.

Waruguru, in early November, tore into the Governor saying that she should concentrate on her marriage and give birth instead of moving around the country to promote the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“Kuna mwanamke mwengine hapa sijui ameolewa juzi. Hata tumbo ya kwanza haijatupatia mtoto lakini wakati huu anafikiria ile kitu kubwa atazaa ni kutuzalia BBI.

(There is a woman who was recently married. She hasn’t even had her first pregnancy yet but thinks she will birth us the Building Bridges Initiative.)