The double-edged sword of closing betting companies in Kenya

Recently, Kenyans have witnessed major betting companies closing shop in Kenya. SportPesa laid off 400 employees as it closed its operations in Kenya. Thousands more lost their jobs when Betin quit operating in Kenya.

For a long time, sports gambling was a menace in Kenya, especially among the youth. Therefore, it was a relief when the betting companies stopped operating in Kenya.

However, the exit of the betting companies means doom for Kenyan sports, especially soccer. Sportspesa was a significant sponsor of Kenya Premier League, and with the exit of the sponsors, KPL faces a blurred future.

Fatuma Zarika, the best female boxer in Kenya, lost her world title in Mexico. Zarika said that she was frustrated at how the government abandoned her after Sportspesa quit sponsoring her matches. According to Zarika, negligence from the government contributed to her loss.

Indeed, Kenyans have lost a great deal since the closure of the giant sports betting companies in Kenya. Thousands of Kenyan youths are currently jobless while sports in Kenya face a blurred future after major sponsors withdraw their support.