Sonko reveals plan to have dog meat market in Nairobi, Kenyans react

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has revealed a plan that will see dog meat is available for sale and purchase in Nairobi.

While sharing video footage of a dog’s market, seemingly in a foreign country, on his Facebook page, Sonko said time was nigh to have a dog's market so that consumers will have a bite of their delicacy.

“We are in the process of identifying a market for stray dogs in Nairobi where we shall be recruiting and bringing together all the dog eating nationalities and open for them a koroga club where they'll be buying slaughtered stray dogs ready for cooking or eating,” wrote Sonko.

Dog meat is a common delicacy in countries such as China, Switzerland, and South Korea among others. In West Africa, Nigeria is among the countries that also enjoy the meat.

Many Kenyans on social media expressed their reaction to the plan. Some questioning the end motive while others expressing their outright reservations

As you ponder whether the county boss is right or wrong, here are Kenyan's reaction:

Vickyy Vicky

Muheshimiwa this is how we are going to show hospitality to our creditors by eating their staple food??

Caroline Gitonga

Mheshimiwa are you out of your mind? this is a no no......oh hell no!

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad

Take the good things from others but not such stupidity things. Very disgusting.

Kevin Njoguu

Better delete this one before you get into trouble. If you have advisors or content relevance and mediation experts. They must be sleeping or are super dummies and will cost your credibility one day. Shame!!

Raabia Hawa

This is not funny at all sir I'm sorry you are wrong here! Jayendra Malde pls can you help us get a meeting with our governor to address issues of strays and other related matters as I've been appealing for many months now!!!

 Dhaxanride Abdikh

Stop playing cat and mouse game sonko ulisema Uta fix Nairobi. We want a clean city, water and sewage drainage, bursary fees and jobs. Hiyo mambo ya doggy apana.

Parky Kamau

How is this funny, acceptable or relevant? Instead of addressing real issues affecting Kenyans you are here addressing unnecessary issues and by all means, is being inhumane. How is this leadership?

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