Kenyans react after Boinnet’s order to arrest anyone found in attire resembling police uniform

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet on Tuesday ordered the arrest of anyone found in attire resembling Police or Military uniform saying some criminals masquerade as security officers.

He added that it is creating confusion among members of the public who cannot differentiate genuine police from criminals.

“Our attention has been drawn to the growing tendency by some persons to don attire resembling Police or Military uniforms which is creating confusion amongst members of the public as to who is a genuine member of any of our security agencies.

“Criminals are also known to put on such attire masquerading as Police Officers and terrorize members of the public. This practice must stop as it is against the law to wear clothing that has any resemblance to Military or Police uniforms.

“The Inspector General has therefore issued instructions to all Police Officers to arrest and charge in court anyone found wearing such attire,” read a statement by the National Police Service.

Kenyans were quick to react to this directive and while some lauded it as a step in the right direction, others argued that it is petty.

“Uniforms are of no significance, organize the force well,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Kindly is there a specific law broken. Just asking kindly advice,” asked another.

“On a light note.....Hiyo ya blue I can bear witness hamtashika mtu hata mmoja nayo (you will not find anyone in the blue uniform though)” joked another netizen.

“Some of these attires are stocked in shops for sale, how do as sellers dispose them of?” asked another.

“But u guys also wear plain clothes and harass civilians, so should we also ditch clothes altogether? Sometimes you need to be realistic. The criminals who terrorize civilians don't wear combat fatigues, they wear civilian clothes and claim to be special branch/CID,” opined another netizen.