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Ruto patches up with Ruto
By Kelley Boss | Updated Nov 26, 2018 at 10:46 EAT
Deputy President William Ruto and former Bomet Gov

DP Ruto announces how he intends to engage former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto in regional, national politics, and development 

 Isaac Ruto said he would work with leaders who are after transforming Kenya 

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday announced how he intends to engage former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto in regional, national politics, and development. 

Speaking at a church service in Siongiroi, Chepalungu Constituency, the two announced their new plans to work together. 

“I have held a series of meetings with Isaac and reconciled our differences. You must know that we are age mates and we have covered so much ground together. We have differed previously reconciled when I was in Kanu and he bolted out to Narc in the 2002 election,” said Mr Ruto. 

The DP added, “I wish to tell you that Isaac will be engaged in regional and national politics and development as Bomet Governor Dr Joyce Laboso engages in local issues.

From now on, we will be sending him out to various regions in the country on development issues,”

Indirectly throwing his weight behind the Deputy President, the Chama Cha Mashinani boss said he would work with leaders who are after transforming Kenya.

Isaac Ruto on his part said, “I have been engaged in talks with the DP for a good part of this year focusing on resolving national and regional issues affecting the people.” 


The Deputy President urged Kenyans to shy away from divisive politics and focus on serving the country.

"We would want to see all Kenyans empowered economically. The period of politics is way behind us," Ruto said.

He called on the youths to enrol in large numbers for technical training, observing that the government would pay their fees.

"The skills they would acquire is what will drive our development agenda," he added. 

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