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This is why Kenyan men should marry women only from Kisii
By Hillary Gisore | Updated Apr 25, 2018 at 12:57 EAT
Couple married [COURTESY]

There are certain traits every wife must possess for them to keep a family intact.

To be a good wife, you must have certain qualities that any potential suitor craves

But women, just like men, are not the same. All women are different and you need foresight in picking a good wife.

The most important criteria that will help you achieve that is by picking a woman who truly loves you.?

But there is a catch to help you end your marrying worries. It took time to come up with these shocking truths but there are verifiable reasons why Kisii women make good wives.

They are submissive

This is a trait that is long gone amongst many women. With the rise of feminism, women have been empowered until they have lost their respect for men.

A Kisii woman knows the man is the head of the family and she respects that. They are cool, humble and down to earth. Kisii women don't have that evil temper that can scare off a man.

They are compassionate

Every normal man drools for a woman who can easily handle her marital chores. Men loathe women who cannot cut onions or have his best suit ironed out.

But Kisii women invest all their time in the man and the family. She knows the sure way to keep a man is to please him and she will always make sure the sex is good. Kisii women think of sex as a marital necessity.

Most are home keepers

Just like their ancestors, Kisii women believe in the strength of having a family. They are perfectly down for anything and settle down easily.

She is able to protect herself when her husband is not available. She doesn't go out with another man.

Essentially, they are able to serve their husbands well. For example; preparing meals, clothes and having sex. No objections or protests. 

They have that sense of 'belonging'. They feel as if it's their family and they stake their lives on it, unlike most Kenyan women. They don't think marriage is a mere responsibility.

They are motherly

Mothers are the greatest people on the planet. They master all the odds against child up-keep. They know how to raise children to be strong individuals.

A Kisii woman will bring up your kids with such dexterity that molds the baby's future.

She will exist for you and your kids alone. Give herself to you and live for you.

Kisii women master the sole role of women in the society. A woman is supposed to be tender, a civilizing force in the society and committed to have lifelong loyalty. A pure reason why slay queens are aliens in the today's society.

Kisii women are self-reliant

An independent woman can drive any man wild. Any man out there dreams of a financially secure woman, one that can take care of you and herself when in need. 

Her ability to do it on her own will force any infatuated man to go to the end of the earth for her. Men will think of having such a woman all to themselves.

Kisii women are brought up to look after themselves and depend less on men. She can survive on her own even if you get a job transfer to the farthest country from her.

They are not the type who easily detach from the marital bond. The unfulfilled infatuation with you, the unforgettable moments together, make them feel desired and appreciated enough.

Every man needs such a woman for a wife. A Kisii woman is a romantic ideal, an antidote to your bachelorhood. When you meet one, study her, adapt to her moods, find out what is missing in her life and provide it. It's the sure way to drown a Kisii woman in your world. 

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