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2022 PRESIDENCY: The reality Raila Odinga failed to see but DP Ruto did – Mutahi Ngunyi
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Apr 18, 2018 at 10:35 EAT
Raila and Ruto have a laugh, Ngunyi (INSET)

Popular political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi believes Raila Odinga will have problems defeating DP Ruto is the coming election, if he is to contest

Ngunyi says Raila will have no one to oppose in 2022, leaving Ruto with a clear sight of victory 

Popular and Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has again weighed in on the political situation in the country.

This time, his focus was on Ruto’s tactics in the run-up to the 2022 general election.

Through his YouTube channel ‘The 5th Estate’, the analyst explained how Ruto will win the hearts of many Kenyans in 2022.

According to Ngunyi, there will be no presidential candidate of Kikuyu origin in the next election and DP Ruto has seen this reality before Raila could.

“Ruto saw this reality 10 years ago but Raila did not. Instead of aggressing the Kikuyu’s Ruto embraced them. He knew in 2022 they (kikuyu) would not be a factor to oppose,” said Ngunyi.

He then faulted Raila for sticking to his ‘old ways’ saying that if the Kikuyu are the ones he has been opposing all this while, he will have no one to oppose in 2022.

“Raila was stuck to his old ways. He became a hero. But if the Kikuyu’s are not there for him to oppose in 2022, what will Raila be opposing?” continued the analyst.

“Without an object of aggression, Raila is completely lost,” added Ngunyi as he continued to explain why Ruto would easily win the 2022 election.

Ngunyi talked of the Raila-Moi meeting held in Kabarak last week, saying Raila may have gone to the former president seeking approval.

He, however, stated that the meeting will have no significant effect, claiming that the Deputy President had already read the signs of the times.

“Ruto has read the signs of the times. Instead of relying on dynasties, he has banked on the poor. He will be made president by the hustler nation,” explained Ngunyi. 

HERE IS THE VIDEO - Mutahi Ngunyi explains how Raila will lose in the next election: 

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