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NEVER worry about these five issues when making love to your partner
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jun 23, 2018 at 10:13 EAT
Couple having a good time in bed [COURTESY]

Many couples are usually insecure about many things when it comes to making love

Here are some of the things you should never worry about when you want to make love to your partner

Much has been said about lovemaking with regard to what matters and what doesn’t.

The level of uncertainty has led many to seek for answers, allowing the internet to mislead them.

They fail to understand that there are things about love-making that do not matter, leaving them frustrated and worried about their intimate lives.

Among them are:

The manhood size

Creation, being undeniably interesting gave some men longer ‘legs’ than others. The same applies to the size of the manhood. Many have believed that in order to ‘satisfy’ a woman, it’s a must you have a 'big' manhood. This, however, is a misconception. Women hardly notice the size of one’s manhood if it is 'given to them in the right way'. Yes? No? Rather than brooding over the size of your tool, be confident and do not rush things.

Body size

This happens mostly to women who think that being a plus size is a turn off to men. They fail to understand that men hardly care. Being fat should never hinder one from having an interesting intimate life. If you feel like your size is affecting your love life, try shedding some weight. Your body size should be the last thing that comes to your mind when it comes to making love.

The Age

Age difference should never be a matter of concern when making love unless one is not an adult. Gone are the days when people thought the intimacy game depended on a person's age. As long as the both of you are consenting adults, getting ‘cozy’ should never be a problem.

The positions

It is believed one should know 101 positions to make love adventurous. For partners who have difficulties pulling off these positions, confidence in intimacy becomes an issue. Although one is advised to know a few positions to spice up the bedroom, letting things come naturally is more rewarding. Do not make your partner feel like they have been enrolled in a gymnastics class.

Maintaining the hard on

How long can one sustain an erection? This is a question every man asks himself. If you are a ‘one-second man’, delaying can come in handy. You also consider the needs of the person you’re making love to. Going too long may exhaust your partner while staying ‘for a minute’ leaves your partner disappointed.

Many emotions are involved in making love especially to those who are married. It is a bond of a higher level where souls of two individuals tie. Intimacy should be about sharing the experience. Lower your expectations, put your heart into it and communicate without fear. 

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