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Kenyans are bullies: Why being a celebrity in Kenya is not for the faint hearted
By Wangui Njeri | Updated Mar 19, 2018 at 14:20 EAT
Kenyan fans are known bullies
  • Celebrities in Kenya are exposed to bullying just as they are to fame
  • Kenyan fans are like player lovers who use and dump their partners

Kenyan fans are like player lovers who use and dump their partners. They will celebrate your talent as long as your song is playing on the airwaves or trending on Twitter. They will grace your show only once, perhaps to collect some mistakes and accusations. They will disapprove everything you do, including your color skin.

Examples of celebrities who Kenyans have roasted include;

Bahati's wife, Diana

Kenyan fans went after Diana until she committed social media suicide. They said she is too old for him and she was only interested in his money. It did not matter how much Bahati defended her. Kenyans could not take any of it. 

Dj Moh and his wife

After celebrating the much-hyped wedding of the two celebrities, Kenyans are fed up. There has been complains that these two are living the Kardashian life. Too much linen washed in public through their YouTube channel "the Murayas". Kenyans don't want to be involved in their private life. Some even question the couple's salvation. During the Madaraka day celebrations in 2017, Size 8 was badly trolled because of her performance. It took a few weeks for the topic to die.

The Kiunas

The Reverend and Bishop have constantly been roasted for "eating” from their flock. From how they live to where they spend their vacation. At the end of last year, they were mocked because their prophetic words to the congregation failed to materialize. They had promised the congregation that they would own cars before the end of the year. It is funny because those who were complaining were not even part of the JCC community. Well, it’s because many Kenyans view Cars as a measure of success? The Bishop's family was accused of buying a private jet and a Palatial home using the congregation's tithe. I say we all reap what we sow. you cannot sleep and expect God to drop a car at your doorstep. Kenyans need to understand prophetic prayers.

Willy Paul

This particular artist is known for thriving in controversy. Kenyans feel that before he releases a new song, he must be involved in some kind of scandal. If he's not fighting Bahati, he is being accused of luring a girl to his apartment in the late night. I say that he has good talent and the scandals are just coincidental.

Ndungu Nyoro

The humanitarian champion was accused of "eating" a lady's contribution. It was said that he was holding the money rightfully contributed by Kenyans and was not treating the person of interest. He finally let the money, in tune with millions, go. He felt that the woman was a scam and had faked her respiratory illness. It is said the said woman bought land and build a house with the money. This was a trying time for Ndung'u since some Kenyans claimed that he could have squandered all the other contributions as well. Well, Kenyans are hard to please.

Larry Madowo

After being off social media for some time, Larry got a breather. In February when he posted about the media blackout, Kenyans responded by telling him to face his own troubles since they don't involve him in their lives troubles. Some called him tribal saying his show was tribal. Seems like he will never have positive support on social media, though he is one of the most influential Kenyans on social media.

Jimmy Gait

He is often accused of releasing songs based on current affairs which many call lack of originality. I think he does a good job, otherwise, we wouldn't all be running to YouTube looking for his hits. 

Mary Otieno Ominde

Many Kenyans on social platforms feel she is in distress but nothing is being done. As always, Kenyans are waiting for the worst. Mary, on the other hand, claims she is fine, only God knows.


Despite keeping a low social media profile, Kenyans have followed her into the depths of her house and unanimously concluded that she is married to a man way too old for her. This went viral after she was named as Darling Kenya Brand ambassador. Kenyans are just jealous, or something. 

Just to mention but a few and many others suffering because of their talents. Kenyans will hardly appreciate good talent mostly focusing on the little mistakes artists will make. This makes it very had to be a celebrity in Kenya. Kenyans may be bitter about the norm of most artists packing their bags as soon as their career hits the high note. After one or two hits and off they are to explore bigger opportunities in foreign countries, only to come back through the back door when the savings are over.

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