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Are you an Arsenal fan? Read this to have your day made
By Ojijo Kayuka | Updated Mar 13, 2018 at 11:24 EAT
Arsenal players celebrate a goal in Milan

The following was fan's response to Arsenal's 2-0 against AC Milan in the Europa League

Aaron Ramsey and Henrikh Mkhitaryan were on target, helping gunners take one step into the quarterfinals 

The following is an article posted by one Arsenal fan immediately after the win in Milan.

So yesterday, I took too little, too much of distillery products from Dublin 7, Ireland, too much that I could not even express my felicity at what Arsenal had done in Milan, Italy. Jameson is heavenly; anyway, that’s a story for another day let’s talk about Arsenal football club!

Coming into this match, Arsenal’s form had drawn an avalanche of negative reviews, but I wasn’t worried for a second, I actually pitied Milan who ostensibly, were in the form of their lives under the stewardship of a managerial rookie in Gattuso.... I knew we were better than – wherewithal!

From the kickoff, any sane soul would obviously see the valley between AC Milan and Arsenal, they actually seemed star struck. We were on another level, you’d think we were using the famous 2008 victory as our strict ‘modus oparendi’, a sight to savor as Mkhitaryan tore Milan to shreds with ease of akin to red-hot plate going through butter.

We need such a performance from him regularly!

I don’t want to wet my pants; it was only AC Milan not anything like Brighton or Swansea! He was at the epicenter of everything inhumane we took those Italian masquerades, a joy to watch.

Welbeck, on the other hand, failed to live this moniker as the black Messi, it was sad to see him toil without any tangible end product, an exacerbating pain in the arse! Welbeck being in a forgiving mood didn’t hinder us from making a statement we were out to make.

Scintillating football and before Milan players would beg the officials for a timeout they were 2-0 down! An artistic goal crafted by a pass executed with a precision that most of y’all girls need when drawing your eyebrows.

Ozil timed Ramsey’s run before slipping a magical pass, Welsh's greatest player of all finished with a typical calmness and composure, giving the keeper a dummy shot before rounding him and putting the ball over the line in an empty post , I have never seen anything as good as that in my life, I have lived long enough! He’s Ramsey and such are normal. Live Long Rambo!

Much to the disgust of the persona non gratas from Manchester and other insignificant groups of football fans who rallied behind the Rossoneri, the tie is as good as over, channel the determination you had in your prayers to see Arsenal out of the UEL this early into another thing. You’ve failed! You’ll be presented with another opportunity to support another club, who together with we shall proudly annihilate you! HELL YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAH !!!

Victoria Concordia Cresit

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