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DEPORTED OR EXILED? Priceless reactions from Kenyans after Miguna's sudden 'deportation'
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Feb 07, 2018 at 08:55 EAT
NRM's general Miguna Miguna

NRM's Miguna Miguna has been deported

Miguna was arrested in connection with Raila Odinga's 'swearing-in'done at Uhuru Park on 30th January

National Resistance Movement (NRM) self-proclaimed general Miguna Miguna was ejected to Canada on Tuesday, February 7.

According to his Lawyers Mr Nelson Havi and Cliff Ombetsa, Miguna was ejected by a KLM flight on Tuesday night and departed at around 11 pm. The plane will land in Amsterdam at around 8:30 am.

According to the Daily Nation, another lawyer, Dr. John Khaminwa confirmed that Miguna was indeed out of Kenya’s airspace and was headed to Canada.

Miguna has dual citizenship.

He was arrested in connection with stamping documents used to ‘swear in’ National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga as the people’s president at Uhuru Park on January 30.

Minutes before he left JKIA, Miguna said that his passports were seized and was driven to the runway – to board a flight to Amsterdam en route to Toronto.

Kenyans took to social media to react to the news. Here is a sample of the comments on social media:

I won't believe this @MigunaMiguna deprtation scam until I hear from my general. There could be a plot to kill him and bury him secretly. These criminals in power can fake anything. #MigunaDeported .— Kevo (@cassidiz) February 7, 2018

#migunadeported cowardice,malice and high levels of idiocracy are what the current 'boys band' of a government is made,its absurd.— Naphtal Ndonga (@naphtal_ndonga) February 7, 2018

Miguna ni wale watu walikua wanaacha class yao ikiwa silent wanapeleka kelele to a different class, when a teacher pops in they go back to their class. Good to see the gvt noted the noicemaker is an outsider.#MigunaDeported— #Loudsoliloque (@loudsoliloque) February 7, 2018

So, you mean to tell me a Canadian citizen was allowed to contest for the Nairobi governor position? #MigunaDeported pic.twitter.com/t45o2hrG3R— Catalyst (@Catus33) February 7, 2018

If @MigunaMiguna denounced his citizenship years back, how was he cleared to contest for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat when he was not a Kenyan citizen? Ah! Rogue govt. shithole country #MigunaDeported— Oscar wanjala (@ItsOscA_WanjAla) February 7, 2018

How on earth did the government come to a deportation of General Miguna miguna #migunadeported this is obnoxious— Duncan Mugah Junior (@mugahd_jnr) February 7, 2018

Canada calling "come baby come" #migunadeported— melvin (@mohamelvin) February 7, 2018

Better Miguna deported to Canada than to heaven like Musando????— Vivian Mathews (@vivian_ogolla) February 7, 2018

A citizen can not be deported, but can be exiled.#MigunaDeported— Ally Ismail (@allyisaaq) February 7, 2018

#MigunaDeported i was there when a black man born in Kenya raised Kenya had an identity of Kenya was deported to a white people country when the black people in leadership said he was to white (educated,reasonable,courageous)to be of their kind— Oduya Ndonji (@jaredoduya) February 7, 2018

It started with murder of protesters then media black outs then unlawful detention now exile??? WTF Is wrong with @Ukenyatta #MigunaDeported— Herbert Arnolds (@herbiearnolds) February 7, 2018

He will be back just after 30 years from vacation in Canada ????????#MigunaDeported— #MbelePamoja.-???????? (@Policyst_KE) February 7, 2018

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