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Legalize prostitution- Nominated Senator echoes Atheists in Kenya's sentiments
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Dec 04, 2017 at 14:10 EAT
Commercial sex is on the rise in the city
  • Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has come out to rebuke the motion proposed by a section of Nairobi MCAs who seek to ban prostitution in Nairobi
  • Millicent's sentiments echo those of Atheist in Kenya group who feel that legalising prostitution will help the county get more tax

Following a motion by a section of Members of Nairobi County Assembly on prohibiting commercial sex in the City, Atheists in Kenya (AIK) have spoken out their views.

Led by MCA for Woodley Kenyatta Golf Course ward Mwangi Njihia, the MCAS claimed that the increase in the number of people engaging in the trade has led to increased transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and high levels of immorality.

They asked the County Assembly to act fast and save Nairobi youth who are most vulnerable from the vice and diseases that come with it.

Nominated MCA Mellab Atema said that the practice erodes the African culture and those involved should be absorbed back to the society and rehabilitated.

Atheists in Kenya (AIK) through their President Harrison Mumia have however countered the motion in a lengthy letter through which they express their shock and dismay by the MCAs’ proposal.

“The passing of this law is unconstitutional, illegal, untenable and retrogressive,” read a section of the letter.

AIK through a Facebook post gave the county government a 14-day ultimatum to do away with the law or face unspecified action.

They compared the ban of the trade as a violation of peoples' rights on the basis of their trade, occupation, work, calling or profession.

“Sex work is not going to disappear anytime soon; so instead of banning prostitution, we should work towards making it a fully legal industry. We believe that this is what most sex workers want as well,” they argued.

According to them, prostitution is acts between consenting adults where just like any other service industry, people exchange skills for money or other rewards. 

The group, which prides itself as advocates for equality said that prostitution is an easily accessible way to financially support women and their families.

The act they said could benefit Nairobi county if legalized and taxed. “… instead of banning prostitution, Nairobi County Assembly should pass enabling legislation to facilitate the smooth running of brothels so as to enable the government to exercise more control over the sex industry.”

AIK’s sentiments were shared by Nominated senator Millicent Omanga who argued that most of those who indulge in commercial sex trade do not do it because they enjoy it but simply because they need to survive.”

“I strongly oppose the move and demand that these women be given audience so that a way forward is found,” she said.

The motion, which was mentioned on Thursday will further be discussed on Tuesday, December 5.

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