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Malindi residents' way of celebration after Supreme Court ruling beats all others
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 21, 2017 at 11:43 EAT
They took Brookside milk to celebrate
  • Supporters of the Jubilee party from parts of the country took to the streets to celebrate after the Supreme Court dismissed petitions filed against President Uhuru's win.
  • Those from Malindi did their own style by drinking milk from Brookside Dairies on the streets.
  • Brookside Dairies is among companies that NASA asked it's supporters to boycott.

Happy Jubilee party supporters in Malindi stood out after taking to the streets with drinks of Brookside milk after the ruling by the Supreme Court on November 20.

The ruling led by Chief Justice dismissed the two petitions filed against Uhuru Kenyatta’s win in the October 26 repeat poll.

Many supporters from different parts of the country took celebrations to the streets with majority breaking into song and dance.

Others carried loaves of bread, joyously claiming that the announcement by SCOK meant that Jubilee could keep their full ‘Mkate’.

Those in Malindi, however, went an extra step to celebrate by drinking products of Brookside Dairies which I among the companies National Super Alliance (NASA) asked its supporters to avoid.

During the launch of National Resistance Movement (NRM) on November 3, NASA asked its supporters to boycott products and services from Safaricom, Bidco Refineries, and Brookside Dairies. They claimed that the management of those products had the blood of Kenyans on their hands.

Led by former Malindi MP Candidate Phillip Charo, former Kilifi County Women Representative aspirant Amina Mnyazi, ex-nominated MCA Elizabeth Muthoka, Malindi residents said it is time residents joined hands to support the government to end the perception that the area is an opposition zone.

Mnyazi asked residents to buy Brookside products and continue using their Safaricom lines.

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