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Five facts you should know about slay queens
By karuru peter | Updated Nov 11, 2017 at 10:17 EAT
Facts about slay queens
  • Slay queens have become the latest trends especially on social media
  • They are mostly associated with anything inclined to money

The term slay queen has taken social media by storm. But who are slay queens? These are the kinds of ladies who maintain that they can only ride in specific cool cars, can only live in certain suburbs and as well have their specific menu. There are however five key things you should know about slay queens.

1. They cannot meet more than one person without makeup. They better spend the better part of their time in vehicle but not step out without make-up.

2. Unique language- slay queens have a way of coining or cutting short their words. For instance in Kiswahili you will hear them say, penda wewe sana, bae, etc they strive to appear different from other women.

3. Ever on social media-slay queens cannot live away from their phones.They always check on how many people liked or commented on their photos and updates.Their airtime is majorly not for calling but buying data bundles.

4. Love partying- slay queens are always partying form Monday to Sunday. This becomes their best time to update their instagrams and tagging their friends along.

5. Current trends –slay queens are always updated on the latest jackpot millionaire, current shopping malls, in short anything that is trending and has monetary inclination.

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