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Six emerging sex trends you did not know about
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Oct 15, 2017 at 08:17 EAT
Toys are no longer a new thing in the bedroom
  • Intimacy has evolved over years, in both how and who is involved.
  • Trends have emerged that people have embraced and talk about freely

Just like everything else, intimacy has evolved with time. Long-ago, it was a simple act between a man who loved a woman and for recreation purposes only.

Now that has changed. Just when we though same sex intimacy is the furthest people could go, new trends keep coming up.

It is common to hear people talking about these new trends as if they have been here with us for ages.

Partner swapping

This habit, also known as swinging is the act of couples agreeing with others to get intimate. It is when wives give their husbands a go ahead to get it from their friends and vice versa. It is not unusual to see more than one couple share a room.


These are parties where people engage in unrestrained intimacy with each other. It happens with both strangers and known people. Parties like this are on the rise and more people are getting interested.


With time, inventors of things found intimacy a boring activity. They worked hard to come up with toys that add the pleasure to the whole ordeal. Luckily for them, the human race welcomed the toys with warmth. Such toys include dildos and fleshlights.

Sexual fetishism

While most people restrict intimacy to human and to specific body parts only, there are those who prefer to have fixation on non-human objects. Others are fixated to body parts that are otherwise considered non-sexual. Common fetishes include foot fetishism and lingerie fetishism.

Online chat rooms

With technology came all sorts of things made easier. Among them is the ability of having sexual conversations with people across the world without knowing them. This has appealed to many people since by just a click of the button one can get a match of their own type without being judged.

Group sex

People have gone an extra mile and removed the one man one woman arrangement. There is the one man several women and vice versa trend. Unlike in orgies, people taking part in group sex actually know each other and plan well prior to the act. With the most common being the increasingly popular threesome, group sex is hardly a not hard to notice trend.

While most people are still reserved and feel that intimacy should be left for couples only, one cannot help but acknowledge that truly, things are getting more spice in the bedroom department.

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