Sensitive skin? Worry no more - These tips will help you

Sensitive skin? Worry no more - These tips will help you
Product use determines skin sensitivity
  • Sensitive skin has a harder time maintaining moisture, leaving a person prone to dryness, redness on cheeks and a constant itch.

However, some people tend to use the wrong products then end up saying they have a sensitive skin when it eventually reacts. Not many people who take time to read the ingredients of a product before they purchase it and that’s how they end up with the wrong products on their dressing table. To be on the safe side, visit a certified skincare specialist and get to know about your skin type - it will save you the agony, stress and time.

Ingredients To Avoid When You Have Sensitive Skin

Alcohol – It wil dry out your skin leading to irritation, itchy and uncomfortable skin.

Fragrance - Fragrance will thin layers on your skin.

Petrochemical - Causes bacteria to grow and blocks pores.

Methylisothiazolinone [MI]- The most common ingredient most people’s skin reacts to.

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – These are common in most products.

Chemical found in sunscreen - There are two types of sunscreen. Chemical and Physical. Chemical ingredients are good for normal skin. For a sensitive one, opt Physical or mineral formula.

Harsh exfoliates -Tiny granules can really mess your skin. They are too harsh on sensitive skin.

What To Look For to handle Sensitive Skin

White Tea Extract - We love sipping green tea, but did you know white tea extracts are natural and rich in antioxidants.

Green Tea Extract - another awesome product used topically.

Sunflower oil - High in vitamin E and helps to repair moisture on your barrier.

Chamomile Extract - Chamomile tea helps to calm an upset stomach It is also known to soothe skin.

Bisabolol - The extract has calming inflammatory benefits when applied to the skin. It's often found in serums and moisturisers.

Take a minute to read about the ingredients. One might go through a phase after using the product, that’s why the skin gets sensitive. Understand your skin, get the best products and you will stay healthy!

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