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NASA and Jubilee should not condone despicable behaviour from their supporters
By samuel Nyachiro | Updated Jul 14, 2017 at 10:58 EAT
President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga

The political intolerance witnessed in Kenya in the recent past is not a good sign for Kenya.

While addressing residents of Kisumu county, Uhuru Kenyatta was jeered at by part of the crowd who seemed not afraid to express their intolerance to the President and his Jubilee entourage. In particular, the crowd sung in unison that they didn't want to be addressed by the Deputy President William Ruto who they perceived as their enemy.

On the other hand, NASA Presidential candidate , Raila Odinga was on the receiving end when he was tongue-lashed by the residents of Baringo in what seemed like a revenge mission by the locals for the harsh treatment 'one of their own' received in Kisumu.

All these are not good signs for Kenya and if care is not taken, this country will be thrown into a political strive. This may eventually lead to ugly scenes like what was witnessed during the 2007 elections.

Both NASA and Jubilee should not condone such despicable behaviour from their supporters. Both parties should talk to their supporters and tell them to let the rival parties campaign anywhere in Kenya since they have a constitutional right to do so.

Kenyans should understand that everybody has a right to campaign in any part of the country. If one does not like a particular candidate, why then attend his/her rally and cause chaos?

Political intolerance should be condemned in the strongest terms possible. We have no other country to run to if we burn ours. Let us embrace peace and tolerate each other and we will have one country, one nation, one Kenya.

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