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How men trap women into come we stay marriages
By Agnes Sikuku | Updated Jul 10, 2017 at 13:17 EAT
Man and woman moving in together
Men,like women,also became desperate for marriage.They reach a certain age where their relatives and friends keep asking when they will get married. ​ With the pressure,responsibility and deep commitment that proper marriage requires,most men opt for come we stay Marriages. Here are the tricks that men use to trap naive women into this bogus marriages. 1. Let's live together. When a man says that the two of you should live together but escapes the word marriage,run like Rudisha. There's a big difference between living together and getting married. College students live together all the time and marriage only flirts in their mind. While women are loyal and take this live together arrangement seriously, the man doesn't. He keeps chatting with his ex on WhatsApp, takes some new catch out for lunch and before you know it he's complaining about this woman. He lies that the woman is clingy and wants to trap him with marriage. 2. Let's Have a baby. Men know that women who love them will not hesitate to have a baby with them. They know how showing interest in fatherhood knocks many women off their feet. To naive women, they interpret it as a green card to marriage. Many forget that a man who hasn't married you legally and is committed to stay can walk away any time. With a baby, many women are trapped and start reciting exhausted tales like"I am staying because of the kids". 3. Introduces you to his relatives Who cursed poor women that if a man introduces you to his relatives and friends then he will marry you? Sly men do that to trap you and make you feel safe with them. When the introduction is in an informal setting and he keeps saying you will plan for an official visit, run girl. His mother's calls will pull the strings of your cold and dark heart. You can decide to stay imagining you are loved. You will choke to know that this man introduces every Jane, Jill and Linda to his family. 4. Weddings are expensive What this means is that being committed to you is very expensive. They therefore prefer the cheaper option of having you cheaply with no formalities. If weddings are expensive, we have civil and traditional weddings. Women who pretend to be understanding to their men end up in this undefined unions. 5. Overdependent on his woman.This are men who act like without you, they will drop dead. Green light! It's a come we stay alert. They can't wash their clothes and press them unless you come over or you call mama nguo. They insist that they find cooking very tedious. For this matter, you have to cook and keep a week's food in the refrigerator. Like a woman in love, you will feel like his mama yet you aren't. That's exactly how he wants to make you feel. You will imagine you are needed. Before long, he will trick you into come we stay and you will swallow the bait.

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