North Rift Deputy governor faces wrath of angry voters when he tried to popularise his boss

A deputy governor in the North Rift region was forced to face the wrath of angry voters at a public event when he tried to popularize his boss.

Accompanied by more than three principal secretaries, the deputy governor was shouted down and his efforts to cool tempers drowned in laud wails from supporters of their opponent.

The sole reason was some unwelcome remarks he made while campaigning for his boss to be re-elected.

Hell broke loose when he rose to speak to the mammoth crowd, heaping praise on the incumbent, but little did he know the crowd could not take any more of the ‘empty promises’ and had already made up their mind on who to vote for in that area'.

The mention of the incumbent governor and drumming support as the next county boss saw the crowd jeer him while chanting the name of an independent candidate who was present during the public function.

He was prompted to cut short his speech and take his seat, soon as the function came to an end, he literally sped off to his official car with his body guard tailing closely unlike the norm where the local leadership would catch up for light moments with guests.