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A businessman introduces Trump toilet paper
By Faith Ijaza | Updated Jun 03, 2017 at 11:34 EAT
Trump toilet paper

A businessman in Mexico, as a way of getting back at President Trump over his plan for a border wall and his mere insults to the ‘poor’ Mexicans, has introduced a new toilet paper in the market named after the most powerful man in the world.

“Softness without border” and “This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for” are the two slogans with which Antonio Batalgia has introduced the “Trump” TP in the market.

An archetype on the TP displays a travesty of Trump with his very own golden comb hairdo and a thumbs-up.

When consulted about the toilet paper idea, Badalgia said that he was really disturbed when Trump characterised illegal migrants as drug dealers, criminals, and rapists.

“My thinking was that we cannot keep quiet. So with this insult that was made, I figured, I am going to add my grain of sand in response,” he said

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The toilet paper projected to begin a finite run later this year will have 30 percent of the profits taken to initiatives supporting migrants.

Meanwhile, according to the contract Badalgia signed, he is supposed to manufacture the initial run that’s worth approximately 21,000 dollars. Badalgia added that he is looking forward to generating enough so as to increase production.

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