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How to end banditry in Baringo for good
By Olonde Akinyi Maseno | Updated Mar 20, 2017 at 16:09 EAT

Insecurity has been on the rise in Baringo County. One key thing which may have exacerbated the matter is cultural practices. The belief in possession of cattle as a sign of wealth has led to cattle rustling.

These conflicts are also caused by invasion of territories by other communities for pastures.

The use of force to curb these attacks will not be of value to these communities. The Government must therefore think outside the box to stop further bloodshed in Baringo.

One of the most important ways of curbing insecurity is by educating members of the warring communities. This is because most people are still illiterate and believe that the only way to solve problems is by using force. Not knowing that processes like mediation can solve their issues.

The Government should also offer them alternative economic activities so that they do not solely depend on livestock. Irrigation of farms could ensure food security and end banditry.

Politicians fanning the chaos should face serious punishment since some use insecurity to subdue their opponents.

They may be issuing the guns used to kill innocent people.

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