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Seven types of friends you should have in your circle
By Nancy Kemuma | Updated Feb 13, 2017 at 12:28 EAT

Miss Gikosh

Looking good is every girl's dream. How about spending less than 500 and still rock it like a Victoria Secret model. Clothes in Gikomba and Toi market are sold at a pocket friendly price.

Especially when you buy in bulk. Psyche up your girls and take a walk down to Gikomba and get amazing outfits at a low price. Rock that denim skirt with heels boo. The tech guy

Phones and laptops can be messy at times. One single repair can cost you a fortune. Now figure out your friend Jaymo, he's a geek when it comes to matters with electronics.

You don't have to worry about hefty charges for repair. He'll even fix it at half the price. You ought to have a Jaymo on your list of friends. He can also fix your bulb at the expense of a delicious lunch. Not unless your fisilet nature is trapping him into something more delish. The Naturalista

I swear you need her. There comes a time when your purse is almost empty and you need to look good for that coveted date. A friendly call like this, "sasa Carol, woiye niambie vile nitafanyia hii nywele yangu, sina pesa ya salon" can lead to an absolute makeover for your hair.

Carol has mastered the art of intertwining the cornrows and straw setting. She has watched all YouTube videos on caring for natural hair and has it all on her fingertips. Carol is a call away. Ideally she knows all blogs starting from food blogs, travel blogs all the way to fashion. We love Carol. Carol is Bae. Miss 411

Let's call her Sly. Short form of Sylvia. She keeps the rest aware on matters of who's banging who. She knows the latest celebrity break ups. All gossip blogs, name them, she knows them by their URL. You will love Sly's way of adding salt to the injury even when the situation is emphatic. She knows all clubs, all events happening by their days and time. She knows the lenient bouncers who let guys gate crash. You will love her madness. Sly never gets dumped. Miss 'saver' This one is the best but least loved. You get a nice jumpsuit and then she reminds you that you need to save before you make a purchase on anything or you should have planned up front. And you just don't understand her. You'll plan to smash a pizza at Pizza Inn and she will back off. But why? We were supposed to have a great time together! She always snaps on the last minute. Your relationship is kind of hate-love. That's Sheerow. Miss "High Class"

She's the envy of other girls. She has her standards. No guy takes her for lunch ati sijui some 'Chips 70" hotel. She knows the latest trends in the dating scene. She throws weird terms such as threesome or kamasutra. She knows all love songs by their time of release. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts get likes from top celebrities. They even comment on her not so funny posts. She's Elsie the pro. She never gives discounts. Mr Taxi

When everyone is dancing to Jalang'o's Niko maji, you don't need Jesus' intervention to know that in 30 mininutes you need Mr. Taxi, probably a sober Kiprono to drive you home. Perhaps Dela's 'Nimecatch mafeelings' is still replaying in your mind after taking tots of fine vodka. And for all you care is getting home aspect to catch your night dreams before hangovers take a better part of you.

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