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How to deal with offense
By Paul Barasa | Updated Jan 08, 2017 at 17:30 EAT
As human beings, we should know that God desires to heal our wounds.By healing our wounds I mean, everything that concerns us.Talk of blessings, healing, refreshment, comfort and the list is endless.He wants to free us but often time we do not permit Him. ​God can’t just come and do it.He needs our attention and the road to that is not the easiest road.Personally, you need to put your faith at the forefront and through that, you will attract Him.The job will be half done. When you read the book of Luke 17: 1 it says “Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but war to anyone through whom they come.”From this verse, we can clearly tell that we cannot avoid offense and we be sure that we are bound to be heart by people around as and some situations in our life.Sometimes we get irritated with what people say about us and do to us that end up hurting us.When you are aware of this verse it will help you get over offense. As a matter of encouragement put your name where there are disciples and see what Jesus is saying to you.Know that it is impossible to live this life minus offense.It is impossible to live among people without offense.An offense can come in many ways that you cannot avoid. When people are listening to a sermon they forget about the people who have offended them only to pick up the offense after the sermon and plan for revenge.We should always forget about revenge and leave it to God.The wall between us and God often time is the wall of offense and sin.As a good Christian refuse to be offended so that you don't offend God in return.Where you put offense is where God dwells –in your heart, that is where the Holy spirit dwell.So God will move out of your heart when you have an offense.The Holy spirit will run away from your heart.Offense crumbles many homes, it crushes marriages and destroys healthy relationships.When we are offended we do not know that we are trapped by the devil because this is the instrument he uses to move us away from God and get us in his camp.Offense blind us from the reality.We forget our conditions that need to be addressed and concentrate on offense.You talk about the wrong done to you. Offense comes because we lack real love to those who offend us.When you have real you forget about the wrong done to you.Love conquers everything, even offense.Real love forgets the wrong done so that there is hope for the future.To get it off the unpleasant situations in your life let go offense.Whether you are wrong or right you are not permitted to hold an offense to anyone.The main reason that you should not be offended is because you want to be in terms with God.You spirit need to be free to contact God.It is impossible to have two kings ruling a nation.If you talk with all you heart the need to remove offense the work is half done.You will free yourself from self-imprisonment and be with God in Spirit.If you know where you belong you will never get offended.Your dream is greater than the offense you hold.To achieve your dreams you must fight against the war of offense and win it.Nothing comes by chance and nothing happen for nothing.

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