Reason for half barked graduates from kenyan universities

Many graduates in Kenya lack employability skills, technical mastery and work related skills. It is about 51% of the Kenyan graduates. This has become a challenge to many youths seeking jobs in various firms since this notion has infiltrated in many employers. To employers it is expensive to train the same employees and still pay them hence prefer the experienced ones. This has contributed to high level of unemployment which has become a national concern.

These half-baked graduates are promoted by the following factors; 

Few academic hours- Many programmes in Kenyan universities do not click to the expected teaching hours. These hours are set in the curriculum but are rarely met due to few teaching week of less than ten weeks and two Weeks of examination.

Other universities have been alleged to admit unqualified student despite the stipulated minimum requirement. This has been contributed by the desire of many public universities to acquire cash from these programmes.

Corruption- It is alleged that corruption in this public institution is tremendously increasing. Many female students exchange sexual favors with lecturers for scores. Some have gone a step further to buy degree certificates.

Congestion- Despite bed space factor, the lecture room space is more crucial. This has been neglected during admissions hence overcrowding in lecture halls. 

Inadequate facilities- some universities roll out programme without required facilities like computer laboratories, science laboratories and other crucial facilities in training of these students. This leads to graduates with theory work in the head but no employability skills.

Too much theory- Many universities pump too much theories into students forgetting the job market demand both theory and practical part.

Many universities should always consider these factors in order to produce credible graduates. That is the pride of education, to produce the graduates to change the society.